19 Aug


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oh, what a summer.

i picked out some of these colorful little moments from a month (months?) that have brought us some interesting times over here. our hundred year old house is, well, let’s just say that several of the major components of the house decided to ‘expire’ this summer. all at once it seemed (as it always seems…). it’s been overwhelming to say the least, but after a while it kind of reached the point of hilarity. yes, i’d like to close this summer house chapter please…

we’ve welcomed lots of new babies, with more to come. particularly special are my new twin nieces who i can’t wait to see…

i bought myself farmer’s market flowers, we swam in the pool on the hottest day, i wake up early every morning with the boy and get out the cars and ramp…

e puts on long sleeves, checks the weather and sighs about another hot day. ‘when’s winter?’ she asks ‘when’s fall’ (that’s my girl). we eat sandwiches for supper and sleep with the fans on.

our little orchard is loving the heat though. plums and grapes turn from green to purple. apples stay too long on the tree, and rhubarb so big it droops…

feels like the heaviest part ~ enjoy the last weeks…


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