five good…

15 Feb

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february has been so very lovely::

1. we piled up some snow in the back yard for a little sliding hill. everyone’s pants got soaked and we krazee karpeted over and over. warm winter days are the best – even if there is still an incredible amount of snow here…

2. i baked. there are two things that let me know whether things are going well or not…one is if i’m baking, the other is if i’m sending mail. mail was sent too – but the bread, buns, granola, zucchini-banana cookies, and brioche pretzels (these were nothing like any brioche i’ve had – wow, that’s starting to sound super snooty – mine was thick and gummy, but there were chocolate chips in them pretzels, and wouldn’t you know? i’ve almost eaten them all myself…), well, it’s all a good sign.

3. i feel like we’ve got our kid’s sleep schedule mildly under control (again, one of those things you don’t talk about for fear of jinxing it) – i’m sure this will all change, but glory glory hallelujah, how nice it is to have our evenings to ourselves, to sleep a full night once in a while, and gasp, read for a while before i go to sleep (this has been unheard of in the last 5 years, as there was almost always a little someone already snuggled into our bed and turning on a light seemed out of the question). i almost don’t know what to do with myself…almost.

4. valentine’s day. e claims this as her favorite holiday (but then she told me it was because of the treats they get at school, so….). we don’t do anything particularly valentinesy, but i may or may not have invented a valentine’s fairy who left some goodies outside e’s room last night. yeah right, great idea, let’s make up more stories about people who come drop off goodies at night and take all the credit from old mom!

5. february break ~ i’d given this next week off no thought until today. last year at this time we were enjoying a cabin on the prairies with our dear friends – and this year i’d love for us to take even a mini family trip. i’m entirely loving this time the four of us get to spend together…

happy weekend to you!


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