display shelves…

28 Jan

shelvesshelves (1)shelves (2)

I’ve been loving these simple display shelves that have gone up in our house. just another one of the projects that i think we need, and make t help me with…(i looove you!). anyway, if you have trouble deciding where to hang things on a wall or don’t like the commitment, but still like the look of grouped artwork, this might be the thing for you too. actually, i think the whole reason t went along with this was because i am constantly changing things around in our house and he hates helping to hang something only to have me decide that i don’t like it a month later (oops!).

these shelves are simple and you probably won’t even need help, i’m just not so handy with the power tools. they are adapted from the plans here – and what’s nice is that you can choose any length and depth. the wood is cheap and easy to find at the hardware store. the two shelves above were originally for our living room – until we realized that there was electrical running right behind where i wanted to put them (probably good to have a stud finder for this job, by the way). i had t cut them in half and put them in this little corner of our bedroom.

happy building – and happy no-commitment art displays!

{art on these shelves by carole epp, artquirk, my brother when he was little, crystal klassen, my dear cousin megan, shauna buck, yuka yamaguchi, and my dear sisterinlaw susie}


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