wiksten, one…

18 Jan

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 2.27.13 PMshirt

i don’t have very many clothes. partly because each time i was pregnant i just gave away all my clothes thinking that i would never fit them or want to wear them ever again (gaining and losing a bunch of weight – baby related or not – probably will always do some strange damage to your closet, right?). i am good at getting rid of clothes – if it doesn’t fit me right now? gone. if the fabric is too clingy (especially around the middle…gack!) – gone. but the thing is, i really don’t like shopping for clothes…i mean, it’s a dreaded experience. so, it’s getting to the point where i really have nothing to wear.

i’ve had this theory for years that if i could just find my uniform (i loved having to wear a uniform in high school – you had about three choices in the morning, it was great) – then i would just buy whatever that was in several colors and be set. i’m just having trouble finding what that might be, and every time i do find something i like, it seems so cheaply made. anyway. i came across this pattern, which is sort of an ideal shirt for me. so i sewed one up, but didn’t realize until i tried it on when it was mostly done that the fabric i picked was sort of…scratchy. i’m not used to choosing fabric for clothes. so, since i have a thing for tunic-y type tops, i chopped off the sleeves, and dare say i might even like it better. this is a great pattern – really easy to follow (you know, the first time is always sort of painful, and then the second one you can whip up in an hour), plus you print it out yourself. i want to make ten versions of this…


One Response to “wiksten, one…”

  1. carole epp January 20, 2013 at 7:51 pm #

    love it! might have to make one too…..sorry we’ll be twins

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