get rid of stuff: what happened there?

14 Dec


okay so, i got really busy and set aside the get rid of stuff posts. i didn’t stop getting rid of stuff though. in fact, in these weeks before christmas i’ve given myself the challenge of donating a garbage bag or big box each week. you’d think after a whole year of one-in-one-out and intentional purging of stuff, this would be hard to do…but the stuff never ends! there’s always another corner, another closet, more stuff somewhere.  but i do feel like i’m getting closer to having it in check – having things around that are useful or that i really like (preferably both) and not too much. pre-christmas seemed like a good time for one last big sorting, and then i’ll have to make my plan for this coming year…

feels good!


One Response to “get rid of stuff: what happened there?”

  1. Joy December 18, 2012 at 4:43 am #

    That’s the fanciest little house cleaner person I’ve ever seen! Can she come to my house too?

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