by herself…

4 Dec

ella (1)ella

…i recently came across this blog – how we montessori – and it got me thinking of all the things that e could be doing herself, but they are things that i do for her simply out of habit. she’s four, so there are actually a lot of things she does by herself, but in the kitchen she isn’t a part of much food prep except for occasionally helping me with baking or cutting something up. at meal and snack times there is always a bit of an issue over getting her a drink – she will often demand something, and then when i remind her to say please she’ll give me the stare-down and say it out of the side of her mouth so it’s barely distinguishable. doesn’t like to be told, this girl. anyway, then i get mad because she’s being sassy…and so i thought, yes, drinks, that’s definitely something she could do herself. i found a set of these plastic containers with sliding lids at the thrift store – so we now have water, milk, and juice available to her on the bottom shelf of the fridge and she can help herself when she wants. it cuts out the fight between us (well, this one anyway) and she loves it. i’m sure there are tons of things like this i just haven’t thought of yet, looking forward to figuring them out!



2 Responses to “by herself…”

  1. Joy December 4, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    Ah….. independence…

  2. shauna December 6, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

    good idea! i’m going to check out that blog too

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