us, lately…

26 Oct



oh this week!

it has been:

the first official snow day, when t got to stay home and we needed the scraper for the car windows and they made snowmen outside. buying apple cider, making soup, and playing michael buble christmas (i really love christmas music, it can never start to early) so often that e now sings jingle bells like his backup singers, ‘j-j-j-jingle bells…’

pre-halloween excitement from e = everyday the dress up box explodes. we had this conversation…e: what are you going to be for halloween? me: umm…you know, some adults don’t really dress up, they feel sort of, i dunno, whatever about halloween. e: do you feel sort of whatever about it? me: welllll…yeah. (then i told t that maybe, just maybe i could get into it if i had some fake teeth…)

all my creativity is going into my sewing. this is the beginning (middle? somewhere along there?) of the pre-christmas crazyness leading to shows and sales. i find when i really need to focus creatively somewhere, lots of other things fall off my radar, like posting photos here (but i’m glad you checked!), or even making proper meals. i’m making some things i’m really excited about though…and some Big dolls! the next month is going to be so very busy…

i hope you have a lovely weekend planned~


One Response to “us, lately…”

  1. carole October 29, 2012 at 2:10 pm #

    i’ve got some fake teeth here just waiting to get you in the holiday spirit : )

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