best sundays ever…

15 Oct



we’ve been lucky. the last two sundays we’ve been able to leave our kids with their grandparents (big Big huge thank yous!) and spend some time child-free. since i am home with them and trevor’s work is busy, this time is very rare, and oh so glorious. it is a great feeling to know that, even just for part of a day, i’m not on call with the kiddies. that i can get something done quickly without anyone pulling on my ankles, and that my head is clear enough to think my own thoughts. glorious. today we cleaned out our garage (what a fun couples activity! ha!) and played cribbage in a little corner booth over breakfast poutine. always good to know that we still like each other, and good to be reminded of what it feels like to just be by myself. ahh.

hope you had the best sunday too…


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