16 Aug

lucas b is eleven months old. he likes to sneak halfway up the stairs and then scream. he likes to scream for seemingly no reason at all (there is a lot of screaming going on here at the moment…if we were the characters in zagazoo, he would definitely be the baby vulture). i think he does it to show off his awesome big jarrett teeth. he enjoys destroying big sister’s things (though thankfully she’s a pretty good sport) and nibbling crab apples outside. he just started saying mama – and when combined with his quick crawl-chase after me, it’s a little bit sweet. he likes banana milkshakes and crackers and ‘helping’ me fold the laundry. he is really into the neighborhood cats and watching the birds. oh we love him still…almost one year!


One Response to “eleven…”

  1. shauna August 16, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

    what a cutie!!!!!!!!!

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