get rid of stuff: food…

14 Aug


oh goodness! i dropped off a little there with the get rid of stuff posts. oops. i haven’t stopped my decluttering, but often by these summer evenings (when i usually write my posts), i’m completely exhausted. i’m sure you know exactly what i mean.

anyway. since i read flylady, i’ve thought a lot more about food clutter. it seems like one of the problems is cluttering up the fridge (with leftovers that you’re not actually going to eat but feel too guilty to throw away) and then not really being able to see what you have in there…then things seem to get lost and spoil, and well…this really is such a first world problem, but let’s continue anyway.

i know it seems crazy to organize your fridge – but i have a sort of shelf system, and it really helps to see what you’re out of at a glance. i try to be on top of throwing out old stuff. there is a good article over here about all this…

my other problem seems to be with non-perishables. our cupboards are well stocked…but sometimes not in a good way. i went through and got rid of any home canning that looked sketchy, anything old, left open and dried out, you get the idea. same in the freezer – right down to the bottom. it’s really surprising how much food you have around that really isn’t good anymore.

of course, i think meal planning is a big help (when i actually do it) with not buying unnecessary food – and i would like to take on the challenge one month of working through our non perishables and freezer food, just to make sure things get used up. seems like a lot of hassle and money spent here that could really be avoided.

go clean out your fridge and give it a nice wipe.

good luck!


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