31 Jul

…oh goodness, you know, there must have been something in the water today. it seems as though i was asked all of life’s biggest questions:

birth (giggle giggle)

death (and i fumbled my way through this sweet girl’s first existential crisis)

dinosaurs (uhhh…)

and so i was rather relived when she asked me in the car, ‘why does the baby elephant hold onto the mommy elephant’s tail?’

oh my. you know before you have kids and you think, what will i tell them when they ask _____?

yes well, i’m there. it’s begun.

wish me luck.

{oh, and at e’s urging, we made this tv, for her to perform shows behind. isn’t that an amazing remote?}


One Response to “question…”

  1. Aga August 1, 2012 at 3:58 am #

    oh my! I can’t believe she asked about death already. how did you answer that one?

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