get rid of stuff: creative space

20 Jul


we had some friends over recently (hi j &h!) who, when they saw my sewing room said, ‘oh, this room always looks so clean in your pictures…’ but in reality this room is almost always a big mess. i work with a lot of scraps and bits, and i tend to do things in a flurry – not worrying too much about cleaning up as i go (the one place in the house i am like this). sometimes i work just fine among the mess, but other times it’s just too much…

getting rid of crafty or project-related stuff is tricky, because there’s a lot of ‘i might need that for something’ going on in these spaces. but like anywhere else, it’s probably good to be honest about what you’re still going to use, and what is never never going to happen. sometimes it is good to find a new home for supplies that, sure, you might use them if you had to, but you’re not inspired by them anymore. this frees up space – and also frees you up from feeling like you had to do a project that you weren’t really into. frees you up to be even more creative? maybe?

i filled up two garbage bags from my sewing room without even trying too hard – i got rid of all the fabric i was sick of looking at some supplies i’d completely forgotten about. i gave it a good vacuuming, and it was just lovely to step in there afterwards (even though i know it will be short lived)…

good luck with your own creative spaces!


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