get rid of stuff: the drawer…

12 Jul


sometimes when i am trying to get rid of stuff, i find it most satisfying to start with the drawers. you can usually find a drawer in almost any room that needs a good cleaning out – i find that it is my bathroom drawer and kitchen junk drawer that are the worst (though the dresser and the toy storage are close seconds).

*take everything out of the drawer and sort through it quickly – especially paper-type clutter and little bobbly bits. make piles for recycling, garbage, and donatables, if that is helpful to you. be honest. does it work? it is expired? does it have any use to you? wipe out your drawer and only put back what belongs there/what you still like or is usable.

cleaning out a drawer can inspire you to declutter the rest of the room – wouldn’t that be lovely?

i was going to say something quick today too about how i go about getting rid of things – you know, physically getting them out of my house. i always have a donations box on the go – i keep it in our spare room so that i can add to it anytime i find something on its way out. might be a good thing to have in a closet, or in the trunk of your vehicle if you don’t have storage space. i just drop my stuff off at the thrift store, but i know there are organizations that will come pick things up from your home too. garage sale. kijiji. free sale. recycling. garbage. there are so many ways to get rid of stuff…

good luck with yar drawers!


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