i made curry…

27 Jun

{this is one of those rare moments when children play nicely together…}


actually, this post is not about my family at all. not really. it is about this curry recipe i made today. i had some lemongrass to use up, and thanks to my swell little herb garden i had almost all the other ingredients on hand. so, i’ve been making bad curry for years – usually involving me cooking something up in coconut milk and adding curry powder and wondering why they never tasted like anything. my mother in law makes another sort of delicious curry, and i have that recipe (loonyspoons?), but it is sort of a treat to have it at their house. every time i would go to our favorite thai restaurant here (honestly, not often. definitely not often enough), i would wonder why my curries never turned out like those. until today that is. i honestly sat down at supper and tasted it, then threw my hands up in the air and cheersed myself. t told me not to trip over while patting myself on the back…or however that saying goes. he couldn’t remember…he was too busy eating that delicious curry.

try it please. nom nom.


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