22 Jun


{if someone told me that the days and weeks could go by even faster, i wouldn’t believe them. but then that’s how it goes, and every week it’s friday again (and again and again). oh dear. slow down a little please…}

this week was a definite mom’s week for me – everyday shuttling the kids to different health related appointments (because i procrastinate about making these appointments and find it easiest if i get them all done at once) and feeling glad for health care and healthy kids, and totally drained by it all too. i need to forget about flossing and needles for a bit and pull some weeds, cut some rhubarb, dig up the dirt in the flowerbeds.

this weekend is my ten year high school reunion…what are you up to?

happy friday friends.



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  1. shauna June 22, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

    i love her cool crazy hair!!

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