get rid of stuff: entryways…

20 Jun


i’ve been reading this book, House Thinking, about how our homes both reflect who we are and have a big impact on how we feel about ourselves – whether that is positive or negative. one of the first things the author covers is the entrance to a home, and how ‘the transition between the public and private worlds…frames your impression of what’s to come’. what i like about this book is that it is not about making your house look a certain way for visitors, it is about making your home feel right for you.

i tried to keep this in mind as i decluttered my entryways this weekend. we have  back and front doors that get equal use – only our front porch is almost a ridiculous size (one of the things that we really loved about this house) with built in storage, and our back door is a tiny entrance that is shared with our laundry and freezer. i decided that i wanted to feel good when i come home, not overwhelmed – for me this means that even though there are quite a few things stored in our entryways, there has to be a minimum of visual clutter.

in our front porch i got rid of:

shoes: this seems to be a tough one for people. i just had to be honest with myself about what shoes i still liked, and actually wore.

out of season clothing: too-warm jackets, and winter accessories all got sorted through and donated or put away.

in our back entrance i got rid of:

cleaning supplies: old stuff, toxic stuff, stuff that i don’t like the smell of

broken things: this seems to be the graveyard for things that we think we will fix.

i found some baskets i already had and sorted things into them that we like to keep by the back door. i cleared off all the surface areas and wiped everything down. i think the trick with dumping grounds – where you tend to set stuff that has no home – is to clean them right off…don’t stack papers in a neat little pile and leave them there…put them where they belong. just get everything back to it’s home, and if it doesn’t have a home, it probably doesn’t belong in your house anyway. get the surface areas completely empty, then each day you’re just picking up a few things instead of sorting through a whole pile.

do you live in a place that doesn’t really have an entryway? is there a closet nearby where all the junk gets stashed that could use a cleaning out?

here’s to walking into a home you like, and feeling better in the process.

good luck!


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