get rid of stuff: the desk…

14 Jun

okay so let’s start. let’s start right at your desk. mine was a big fat mess today – our desk tends to be a dumping ground for papers, empty cereal bowls (yes, i eat at the desk sometimes. spare me the lecture), miscellaneous electronics…

so here’s what i suggest. if you have drawers, empty them out. sort through the stuff quickly – anything that should go somewhere else can be put in its rightful place. anything that hasn’t been used in a long long time, or has no use…get rid of it. it’s okay to just plain old throw things in the garbage sometimes. old pens that don’t work? gone. bills and old papers? filed or recycled. all those silly cords hanging down? use electrical tape or twist ties and attach them discretely behind your desk. get rid of anything you don’t like anymore – you’re probably sitting here everyday, so it’s okay. take everything off your desk and give it a wipe.

(i realized in this process that we, after all these years, do not have a mousepad. what is wrong with us? i asked t. he gave me the ‘don’t look at me’ shrug and then accused me of throwing his old one away…)

it is nice to sit down and do something productive at a clean desk, when your drawers aren’t overflowing. getting rid of stuff is fun. ahhh.




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