perfect for…

23 May


rain days are best for:

carrot, chocolate chip, and sesame seed muffins (the first round of carrots from the csa we joined this summer)

a homemade puzzle (and breaking it apart and re-doing it ten times)

e asking t if they could build a birdhouse, then looking for ideas, making it, and painting it. t claiming he meant to make that drainage gap in the bottom…

special mail deliveries means great new cardboard boxes for coloring on and playing in.

breaking into my big new box of wool for stuffing today’s dolls. noticing how my studio has started to feel like a lookout tower now that the leaves are all filled in around the yard.

sorting through all of the old paintings and drawings in my art portfolios (too heavy to even stand up anymore). laughed at some of my early life drawings (oy!) recycled most of it and kept the few i loved.

early bedtimes for kiddos. quietly readying some photos from a recent shoot with one of my favorite families (post over there soon!)

every once in a while, i like the rain.


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