family photos…

3 May

…i’ve been thinking a lot about family photos lately – sifting through loads of files, trying to figure out what to do with them. i take so many photos, most of our little family here, and it always seems a shame that they never get printed out and hung up…so i did a bit of that and made a new collage of frames on the wall (took a bunch of plain wooden frames that i had, primed and painted them in nice ice creamy colors…). these are photos from just recently, and back to when e was a baby. i loved picking these out and remembering certain ages and realizing that she and L looked exactly alike as babies.

…the other little project i worked on was this photo book. this is the first time i’ve ever made one (thank you thank you to my big brother who so lovingly gave me these books as a christmas gift!). i decided to fill it with photos of 2011, and after receiving it the other day, i now really want to make one for each year. e was so excited to look through the pictures, and it feels good to have them somewhere other than the computer.

…so don’t let all your photos get lost on that hard drive somewhere…it’s really lovely to see them!


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