reading/listening: childrens edition…

12 Apr

…we have a lot of favorite kid’s books around here, and usually make a weekly visit to the library. e usually chooses half the books, and i choose the other half – i almost always go with the ones that have beautiful illustrations (because after all, i have to look at them too). e’s current favorite is the fancy nancy series, and my favorites are anything illustrated by oliver jeffers, emma chicester clark, quentin blake, elena odriozola…and the list goes on…

we can both agree on the books: the story blanket, moon rabbit, monkey with a toolbelt, the little old man who could not read, and anything by richard scarry.

as for kid’s music, well, i’ve never really been a fan. i’ve avoided it mostly. every once in a while fred penner would sneak into the shuffle rotation on my ipod, but that was all. i’ve always felt like, most of our music is good and swear-free and why can’t we all just listen to that? well, then my mom re-introduced me to raffi.  and oh, since then we’ve been listening to it a lot. day time, bed time, all the time. and e keeps asking…’mom, how do you know all these songs?…

what are your favorite children’s books and music?


2 Responses to “reading/listening: childrens edition…”

  1. hotgolly April 14, 2012 at 3:42 am #

    Renee and Jeremy are amazing…. kids music I can love

  2. Kim of Milkybeer April 16, 2012 at 5:26 am #

    My daughter is loving the Junie B. Jones series. They’re written for an older crowd (6-8 y/o) but she’s been enjoying them since her third birthday (the stories are pretty funny even if the grammar is appalling). As for music, I try to encourage her to listen to our music as much as possible, but if we have to play something specifically for kids, we can all agree on the French Playground album from Putamayo.

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