a good list…

2 Apr

::good spring things::

*doors left open with the in and out traffic.

*a late evening of ice cream sundaes and bocce ball.

*a wheelbarrow full of rotten wood from a torn apart flowerbed:

{erin: t, do you have a crowbar or something smashy i could use?

t: huh? why?

e:i want to rip apart that old flowerbed in the yard.

*t reluctantly gives me a fubar and i go to do some damage.

e: uuhh, this is hard. i don’t know what i’m doing. my back hurts…

t: um. you’ve been at that for, like, 35 seconds…

*t proceeds  to smash all the wood apart in the next 10 seconds and i am saved!

~scene  }

*socks without shoes.


*plans for warm weather tents and herb gardens…

~hope your weekend was lovely~



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