catch balloon…

22 Mar

…the sun was out, the snow melts, spring jackets are on, and ‘catch balloon’ continues to be the #1 game among four year olds in our home. everyone is resting and getting well (today all three but me were sleeping at the same time. haaaaave mercy!) and i got to (though, i shouldn’t make this sound like the treat it was) eat supper alone. and it was such a good looking supper too – and i read my book as i ate. golden moment.

we made these great animal-topped jars at our craft nite yesterday. it was a wonderful mix of kid’s toys, no kids present, root beer, and one of the most delicious scones in the city (thanks museo!). i filled mine with skittles (skittles!) just because it looks so festive and e has only asked a few times to have one. she actually only took one. such restraint.

we’re slowly preparing for birthday week (t and e) at our house…there are many different dessert options. rainbow jello? (i may be more into this than e…)

happy mid week everyone!


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