five good…

28 Feb

1. we had a wonderful weekend, and yes, i did get some moments alone. i found a few thrift gems. and then all of saturday it snowed – probably one of the only real snows this winter – and people were all out shoveling the sidewalks and digging out their vehicles. i thought it would be great for sledding…

2. 50% off day at the thrift store with no line ups. it’s a miracle.

3. i finally got it together and made a boolah baguette facebook page. look at me now. anyway, here’s where i’ll be continually posting all the new goodies, and you can let me know if you’re interested in anything. honestly, i just don’t have the time to post everything on etsy, and this was the next best thing to a website (which is a headache to even think of…)

4. e’s excitement about swimming. we’ve been taking her a couple of times a week, and she’s getting more and more confident in the water. this also makes for great alone time with her, and is a great way to tire her out…

5.i recently read flylady’s book after hearing about her here and there for a few years. if you’ve never heard of this – it’s a house and life cleaning/organizing system/lifestyle. a lot of what she suggests i already have my own methods for, but there were a few things that i found helpful. one of them was making a pre-typed grocery list and then just highlighting the items you need. oh, i really dorked out and listed all the foods we usually buy, in categories by order of aisle at superstore (i did this in the car as to not waste precious free time) and then typed it up and printed out a bunch to use. i love it. see? kind of dorky.

i hope the beginning of your week has been lovely~



One Response to “five good…”

  1. shauna February 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    i just might try that grocery list idea! i’ll be dorky right along with you!

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