23 Jan



…i had a lot of fun posting here last week – i’d like to keep on with the creative projects as much as i can…

just some other things that were great about last week:

 :: our little man is four months old. he is the best::

::e has become really into mailing letters – we had to make our own stamps because one day she went on a hunt for the stamps i keep in my wallet. i had a vision of a kid’s homemade card with $16 worth of real stamps on it – ack! we have a mailbox that is just the perfect walking distance from our house – it’s made for many me and e mini dates::

::i filled our house with four kids on saturday – it was heavy on the crafting and baking and playing and eating. at the end of the day, though i’d really had a good time, definitely wondered how people do it::

::felted a bunch of wool sweaters and have new plush on the way!::

::heart shaped quiche::

happy monday!


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  1. shauna January 23, 2012 at 7:29 pm #

    that lil baby sure does look like both of you!!

    cute quiche. we had quiche last night! did you use the fam cookbook for it?

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