thursday: make somethin’ fancier…

19 Jan

…a few weeks ago i went on the search for a kitchen radio – something we apparently didn’t have anywhere in our house – because you know, sometimes it’s nice not to have to fool around on the computer to find music to listen to, but just to push a button and turn a knob (and even e can do that – giving us instant dance music at any time of the day – well, most of the stations she finds are country, so i’ll say that she calls anything dance music…). i would have loved a beautiful old turquoise radio, but instead it was this, well, not so beautiful wood-grain alarm clock number that came home from the thrift store for $1…

yep. lookin’ good.

and i’m sure you have something in your house that could use some fancying up too – and do you still have some mod podge on hand? (to  this day that stuff will always remind me of being 10 years old, making decorative fabric covered swans…). this was a simple makeover with some paper cut to the right size and a layer of the mp to shellack it over top. insta-fancy!

have fun!





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