29 Dec

…we had a wonderful christmas. we really did. we spent time with each of our families and had our own christmas here on boxing day – complete with a genuine letter from santa. we listened to the music and ate the cookies and nog and went sledding and watched the fireplace on the tv and sang songs and lit candles on christmas eve. and i suppose it was when we returned home that i started to feel a little like christmas this year (still, don’t get me wrong, it was lovely) chewed me up and spit me out on the other side – leaving me with a christmas bomb that went off in our house. i’ve been cleaning up and putting away and recovering from traveling and socializing. and now today i finally took off hundreds of photos from the camera, and just started to think about eating regular meals again. that was a lot of delicious, rich food in one weekend. the christmas tree is undressed, and the boxes to go back in the basement are filling up (e suggested that we put the tree away today, and i snapped at it!).

…we are just enjoying these days together, and the little bit of snow that we got.

hope your christmas was lovely in its own way…


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