five good…

9 Dec

…aside from being one of the busiest weeks that i can remember, this has also been a really tough parenting week for me – a perpetual power struggle between me and e. we are all pretty stubborn here at this house and sometimes that makes the day a little long. i figured it was about time for a five good things list…

* our christmas tree has gotten even fancier with the addition of pearls and feather boas from the dress-up drawer. the gifts are multiplying underneath – 99% of which are e’s toys that she has wrapped up…i’m not even sure what’s under there, but i do know that we are soon going to be out of tape…

* i got to put together a mama-shower for a dear friend and felt wonderfully part of something with all those beautiful women. i can’t wait to meet that little baby…soon soon

* curry squash soup, figs, chocolate orange, lemonade…

*new-to-me clothes borrowed from a friend. seems to me like me clothes borrowing has been in a serious lull since university…i’m glad for the come back…

* this weekend we have our flock and gather christmas sale! the six of us working to put this show on are all really excited – this is our biggest show yet, in a new location, with free admission, yummy treats, and amazing vendors. wanna come?

* i hope you have the most wonderful weekend, wherever you end up. oh, and i wanted to say thanks to my mama for the christmas tree pictures from a few days ago and that bottom one today of me and L…good eye mama.


One Response to “five good…”

  1. Tara December 9, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    i’m going to try so hard to make it to your flock and gathering… S needs some boola booties… T

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