by ourselves…

2 Dec

…in the last two days, L and i have had a grand old time. we conquered mount laundry and made way for a christmas tree. he slept and i made dolls and some new goodies for the next market that i’m pretty excited about. he slept and i got my hair cut. he stared happily at a light while i finished painting the kitchen. i watched as he almost rolled over. i put on movies in the background and ate standing up. i finished off the egg nog. i put this silly hat on him just for fun.

…these days have reminded me too of when i was a mom of just one newborn babe and our days had next to no structure, and i would keep thinking…what now? i mean, i felt like i spent all day just talking to myself and focusing on what that little creature would finally go to sleep. it’s made me thankful for a partner who is so great with our kids, and thankful that somehow the more people there are around here…the easier it is to handle everything. somehow this is true…

…so i feel really lucky for these days – it may not happen again for a long time. i hope you’ve had a wonderful december first…




One Response to “by ourselves…”

  1. carole epp December 4, 2011 at 12:43 am #

    he is seriously cuter all the time.

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