five good…

18 Nov

…the snow blew all day here. i walked e to school this afternoon without knowing how cold it was outside and then felt completely frozen when i got home. seems like a good day for a five good things list…

*even though it’s cold, i really love the beginning of winter.  i am a homebody, and the cold gives me a (good) reason to stay home, and to bake. yesterday brought cinnamon buns and mexican chocolate cookies from the oven. also, the cold gives me a good reason to drink no less than four cups of tea (today). i’ve been enjoying it in a beautiful blue glass mug that my dad gave me…

*e occasionally drives me crazy, but she is hilarious (and that is the number two good thing). today she helped me sort through some baby clothes and she found a little dress (made probably for a less-than-two year old) that i swear i’ve never seen before – where does this stuff come from? t and i could barely hold it together as she stripped down and squeeeeeeezed herself into this ‘ballerina dress.’

‘it fits, see mom, it fits it fits!’

(okay, how about that open zipper in the back and the fact that i can see your bum?)

i then had to give her some good reasons why she couldn’t wear it as pajamas and we continued in a conversation that had a frightening number of ‘ums’ and ‘likes’ in it (from her, but i started to wonder if this is how i talk too? oh dear)

*heat! i am so thankful that it is warm in here. specifically, i thank the person who long ago installed baseboard heat into my studio. in minutes that place is cookin’ enough for a little baby to fall asleep on the floor. a good thing. amen.

*i learned how to sew booties with one hand today (prior to the aforementioned baby falling asleep on the floor bit). who doesn’t love a good challenge? (me, but here we are!…)

*we have started to sing a lot of preschool songs and play a lot of preschool games as a family lately. so number five is both that, and that t has been home a lot lately so that this could even happen. some favorites are ‘bingo bell’ (animal bingo that is not actually called bingo bell) and any song that involves shaking your bum, falling on the floor, or bumping into someone.

we are hoping for a lovely weekend – of kids feeling better and snack dates with friends. hope yours is happy!

xo –



One Response to “five good…”

  1. Joy November 18, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    I think I heard a lot of “hey(s)” over the last weekend as well. I chuckled to myself as I realized that we probably say that a lot more then we realize!

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