fall chill…

3 Nov

*today was the first day that i was cold outside and thought about finding all the mittens and toques and scarves…

*e’ s favorite task these days is to climb up on the front railing and check the mailbox. she’s also started making things to leave in the mailbox so she can find them…

*s and i spent a little of the afternoon at the farmer’s market, eating pie and drinking pumpkin pie steamers…

*t was having a grape adventure in the kitchen – turning the last 15 or so pounds of grapes from our yard into juice…i was impressed. and not at all involved…

*my favorite moment of today as e helped me wash the floor:  ‘mom look, i’m helping a lot. and i’m not being mean or bossy or anything!’

*happy thursday!


2 Responses to “fall chill…”

  1. Michelle November 7, 2011 at 8:16 pm #

    It was great to finally meet you at my parents place in Edmonton a few months back. When I was last in Saskatchewan Rachel introduced me to your site. Love, love, love your photography and your blogs! I’m swooning over them. I hope to one day make images as beautiful as yours. What do you shoot with?
    -Michelle Loewen

    • it's like this, cat November 7, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

      michelle – agreed! it was lovely to meet you too – thanks for your kind words 🙂
      i shoot with a nikon D700 – it’s a treat!

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