paper garland (tale of a fancy girl)…

19 Oct

…this is the beginnings of a little project e and i made this afternoon (the first project, my idea for a ‘fabric ruffle garland’ ended poorly, and so, paper garland it was). have you been dying to know how to make one? hmmm? well – here you are anyway. we started out with a bunch of punched circles from double sided cardstock (less work, and then both sides look nice – oh, and you could easily use any shape, or just randomly cut pieces of paper). the making of the garland is so simple – okay, it’s simple if you have a sewing machine…

…start with one circle and sew off the edge until you have enough thread to make a loop then sew back to the circle and keep going (picture 1). nothing bad will happen when you sew off the paper – the thread will simply loop on itself making tiny chains. just connect one circle after the other – leaving a little space between for hanging (picture 2)…just be warned though, sewing paper is not great for your needle – use old ones for this if you can, or replace it before you sew fabric again…

…when you’re done, you should have a nice little pile of connected paper like so:

…i do believe e was so into this project because i told her that we could hang it in her room and that it would be fancy. fancy is the key word here – fancy is the word we hear one hundred times a day in our house…if it’s not fancy, she wants nothing to do with it. we’re not sure where this whole idea started, except that it may have been that Fancy Nancy book that she was gifted (thanks k, for real, but with a little bit of sarcasm), which taught her loads about fancy and not-fancy…

…for example. when we moved into our house i had painted e’s room white – walls, ceiling, and floor. her duvet cover was white too. i loved it…i wanted her room to be simple. but she confided in her grandpa that, well, her room was definitely not finished because there was nothing fancy in there. then, the other day i find her duvet on the floor…then again the next day, until finally i ask ‘what is it that you don’t like about your blanket?’ – ‘there’s nothing on it‘ she says, ‘no polka dots or nothing!’…and as you can see – the walls are no longer bare and that awful (just awful i tell you!) plain blanket has been replaced (good thing i have lots of fancy things in storage…).

…so the garland was a hit – she kept repeating ‘oh, it’s beautiful!’ in a dramatic fashion while i taped it to her ceiling/wall. also, she changed into her fanciest clothes for these pictures…see that pile of clothes on the floor? deemed not-fancy enough. oh sweet girl, we think you are hilarious, and i am so interested to see where this leads…

happy garland making! (and being fancy)

x0 – e


2 Responses to “paper garland (tale of a fancy girl)…”

  1. Joy October 20, 2011 at 4:35 am #

    It’s been 5 minutes and we’re still laughing and Gramps is going “YES”!!!!

  2. Aga October 20, 2011 at 5:45 am #

    oh Ellie… you are so adorable! I mean, fancy 😀
    My favorite part is: “no polka dots or nothing”

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