28 Sep

five things i loved today:::

~ e’s pronunciation of the word ‘normal’ – sounds like ‘nermal’ and get’s me every time. also – her excitement about her new bed that t built today (the other one, though beautiful and old and teal, was just a little too high. the falling out of bed issue was one we couldn’t really ignore). also also – her bedtime story to me…about a person egg living in a donut…

~ eating grapes from the vine, finding more and more of them hidden, getting sweeter as it gets colder…

~ this bus. wow. and also, the little blue trailer (the most perfect trailer, if ever there was one) we saw randomly in someone’s back yard recently. i have yet to go back and leave them a note, you know, just in case it should ever need a new home…

~ prekindergarten. the afternoons here are wonderful. e thinks school is wonderful. all is well.

~freshly baked rice pudding, saskatoon berry cheesecake pastry from the bakery, sunflower seed bread, everyday edamame…

*have a delightful day*



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