31 Aug

…oh, the apples. fruit trees are fun – but, we’ve discovered that they come with their share of work too (mainly, being on daily rotten-apple-cleanup duty).  i think we have the bulk of it done now, t perched way up on the tippy top of that ladder filling pail after pail, me trying to stay out of the way and not get hit on the head…

…and oh, the applesauce. it has been a’plenty too. my mom brought me this magical little device that i most surely will not give back (errr, mom if you’re reading this, i definitely lost it)…

…a new round of preserves fills up the freezer again. thanks apples…


One Response to “apple…”

  1. Joy August 31, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    Lost it eh?????
    It feels like it’s being passed down from generation to generation… this food crusher thing. I can still see my grandma using one like this. Glad it can be put to use once again.

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