baby brain…

24 Aug

…baby brain is real. this i do believe.

it’s a little, no, a lot frustrating. i usually have things pretty together. i usually don’t leave apples to cook on the stove, then go do something else and forget about them until they’ve burned the pots to almost-unrepairable. i don’t usually, while trying to save said pots, boil water and dish soap on the stove to get the burned stuff off the bottom – then forget about it, go do something else, and only realize they’ve burned dry (and worsened the problem i’ve been working so hard at fixing) once i smell that horrible something’s-burning smell. i don’t usually start crying over things burned in pots, except that these things happening make me feel entirely crazy.

t and e gave me hugs, and e brought me her two best eggs from her play kitchen and said i could have them.

oh oh my.

at least there was some hours on my own today – and these seventy five cent shoes…love that.


One Response to “baby brain…”

  1. Joy August 25, 2011 at 2:49 am #

    So..the story wasn’t quite finished after I left the other day! At least you had some comfort given by those you love and who love you even though…

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