candy girl…

16 Aug

…we made that quick trip this past weekend to attend my cousin’s wedding – it was really lovely to be at a wedding just as a guest (though, it was a little hard to keep the camera down, i mean, these two getting married were both art students and i just knew the details of this wedding would be amaaazing). it was months and months ago that she asked if e would like to be their flower girl – i said yes, hoping that we would be able to do the trip, pregnant as i would be/am. and recently i made her this dress to match their colors (it had to be made close enough to the date that she wouldn’t change her mind about loving it – clothing diva that she is becoming…)

…and so e was their candy girl, which she loved. she loved the getting ready morning – painting her nails to match her dress, curling her hair, getting to wear her fancy shoes (‘they are like yours mommy, but nicer and fancier’) and the responsibility that she placed on throwing that candy. it was great…

…and oh. the wedding really was fabulous. though i would never actually want to plan a wedding again, there was just a little moment when i wished i could. it was all really inspired. plus, that was the best pie i’ve ever had. ever. (don’t listen to trevor when he says i’ve said this a lot lately about different foods. this really was the best). we sat with all my cousins, the boys tried to see how high they could shoot the corks, and everyone helped themselves at the candy bar. i really hope the candy bar trend sticks around, i do love a good candy…

*thanks for a fabulous time m&t~


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