the story of a tub (room)…

11 Aug

…i realized lately that i have shared very little here about our new house. i think maybe that is because it has taken this long to feel like we’ve really moved in. things still aren’t ‘just so,’ but in a way, i’ve sort of given up on that idea anyway. so maybe what i mean is that there are no more moving boxes out, no more empty bedrooms, no more paint spatters on the floor (well, as of just today)…you get it. so i thought i’d start with this part of our house that was probably the most work…

…when we bought this house, there was a sort of strange corner in the master bedroom that had a jet tub in it. a poorly wired, poorly installed, all-around weird thing, just in the corner of the room. like an ensuite bathroom that never really became anything. i deemed it gross (that whole ‘hotel feel’ in a bedroom is so strange), but we could totally see around it. it meant tearing out everything in that weird little corner (layers of tile, good times)…

…and building a wall. we still wanted to leave this space for a tub – as it’s the only one in the house – but we sort of liked the idea of a tub room all on its own. we’re big into baths, this family of mine…

…and then there was the issue of a tub. that jet tub was definitely not going back in – so we searched kijiji for a clawfoot, which suits the age of the house a little better. we found one for really cheap out of town, had some helpful parents-of-friends bring it in for us, and started to work. because you see, the tub was forest green, inside and out. we debated about getting the tub professionally refinished, but the cost was prohibitive and there was no guarantee that it would last any longer than if we did it ourselves. so we got some (a lot of) razor scrapers, our portable heater, and this not-so-bad-for-you paint stripper…

…it was many many hours spent between us in there, scraping away. it turned out that under the green paint the tub was in fine shape. hooray!…

…then it meant a serious clean and careful layers of epoxy paint, especially meant for refinishing tubs. and yes mom, i wore the mask. after it was looking lovely and shiny new and the outside painted teal (thanks again, tester size paints), we had to get it back in the house…

…apparently clawfoot tubs are heavy…

…and now the tub room is finally done. there is a door on either side (you know, should there be any chance at privacy for anyone…riiiiight), there is linoleum (meant to be used as a tub surround, but the only thing i could find that wasn’t, well, really tacky lino) under the tub so that in the case of spills the water does not leak through the hardwood and into the ceiling of our living room. there is really just a tub in a little room. feels good to be done…

(from the hallway looking in)

…three cheers for bath time…


4 Responses to “the story of a tub (room)…”

  1. Amy August 11, 2011 at 1:55 pm #

    I like all the pictures on the wall. Such a great addition!

  2. s August 11, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    awesome, awesome! xo

  3. carole epp August 16, 2011 at 2:56 am #

    you should send pics of your place into to designsponge

  4. sunny August 17, 2011 at 7:46 am #

    So great! I love that last photo – with the wooden crate, the pretty bathtub color and the bowl holding the toys. Beautiful.

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