25 Jul

…it is a real treat to be able to spend the whole weekend at home – and this one turned out to be especially wonderful. my parents came to visit and did all the work that i didn’t know needed to be done (thank you!!)…

…numerous delicious meals were made and eaten together at the big dining room table. e got to choose the desserts – one night ice cream sandwiches and one night marshmallows…

…our enormous new bed arrived (we upgraded from a double to a king…oy!) and an enormous new bed frame was quickly constructed by t. we are going to loooove it…

…this also meant some re-shuffling of rooms and furniture…cleaning out the last (!!) of the junk and moving boxes from the spare room and giving it some fresh paint and wallpaper. it is amazing in all its granny-chicness (oh, i am going to get away with all sorts of decorating in there), and when we were done i was just a little sad that it isn’t my bedroom. good thing it’s right across the hall and i can pretend whenever i like…

…we ate s’mores. again. because really, this is the only time of year when you can get away with it so often. and we were reminded again and again that this baby will be showing up sooner than we think. erm, my shirts are starting to just barely fit…must be a sign…

…surprise packages were left in the mailbox by aunties who travel to far away places (this one’s for you r, and no, she hasn’t taken that jumpsuit off in two days…)…

…we got to have some good family adventures (i got to ride a bike without a bike trailer! a real treat at this point in pregnancy)…we rode through town with these balloons that we used for our family pictures – taken by emma last night. i can’t wait to see them!…

*hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


2 Responses to “weekend…”

  1. twogrrrlsinlove July 25, 2011 at 6:34 pm #

    Oh adorable! I’m so glad it fits – and tell Ella she looks super cute in her polka-dot jumpsuit 🙂

  2. shauna July 25, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    great photos! miss you all! xoxo

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