20 Jun


…at the end of last week i had to make some last minute holiday plans. a friend had just told me about ‘these yurts in the forest by christopher lake,’ and i then found Flora Bora – a wonderful little family-run business (i mean, even their website is the cutest). for the past years they have been dreaming up their concept of luxury yurts, and honestly, it may have just been the most beautiful place i’ve ever stayed. of course, it had been raining for days by the time we got there, so everything was lush and the bugs were out and the mud was a’plenty. it didn’t matter – we put on our rubber boots and went down the ‘secret path’ (as e had started to call it) to our yurt and totally fell in love with the place. the novelty of the yurt itself is pretty neat, but the interiors of our lovely two-day home were so beautifully decorated – well, all together it was just…wonderful…


…did i mention we had the pleasure of being their very first guests?  i whole heartedly recommend a visit….

*feeling really grateful for a few of the best days spent away from home, away from all the things that feel like they always need attention, away from the tv and computer – instead thinking up games for e, reading books, listening to the birds and the rain, and doing some version of camping…

One Response to “holiday…”

  1. lindsay June 20, 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    great pics – looks lovely!!
    we will have to get the details…

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