amazing jobs…

6 Jun

…i know that i mention my business, boolah  baguette, a lot on this wee blog of mine. and well, it’s just so much a part of my life that it would seem strange not to share what’s going on in the studio and at sales from time to time. i feel so very fortunate that what started as a little project for me to have some alone time when e was very small – has turned into something much bigger (and yet still just the perfect smallness). i love being able to work for myself, to make the decisions and follow it wherever inspiration leads. i am very lucky.

…i am also so So very lucky to be able to have another job – working with emma at emma love photography. it is a little crazy to think that emma and i have been working together for almost a year now. i join emma for weddings and the occasional engagement or family shoot as well as doing some work on my own. we always feel incredibly lucky that, as creative individuals, we get along so well… we have become really good friends in the process and it’s pretty nice to have the best and kindest boss in the world. no jokes. emma is fabulous at her job and i am so thankful to be part of it – check out her blog to see where she (and sometimes i) have been lately…

…here’s hoping you all have something so lovely about your jobs too!…


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