a lesson in food…

10 May

…for the month of april, t and i made a decision not to eat at restaurants (or get take out). this came after a wee look at the bank account, realizing that even though i didn’t think we ate out that much anyway – almost every purchase besides groceries was on some kind of other food that we didn’t make. it was a little shocking. even more surprising to me was that i (the one who claims to not even like eating at restaurants…) went through a sort of convenience food withdrawl in the first week of this experiment. i had really gotten into the habit of just ‘picking something up’ when we went out. i really had to switch back to making sure we were packing things to take along and being more prepared…

…and i learned a few things too. one: always having (healthier) food on hand made the low blood sugar crashes (for both me and e) a lot less frequent. nice. two: we didn’t spend any more money than normal on groceries last month. i think this was because instead of buying loads of groceries, then throwing away lots of things that went bad before we could eat them (because we were eating food from somewhere else instead), we actually just ate the food.  oh, and things weren’t perfect either – we cheated twice (once for a date and once because heck, we were moving after all) – but we did make a lot of really great food that i had forgotten about. it really switched things around for the better — a good experiment…


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