26 Apr

…so. this is the sort of everyday scene we’ve got at our house right now. fortunately, we don’t live there just yet and don’t have to sleep amongst the empty paint cans and tools. this photo above is our future bedroom with that newly built wall in the left corner – well, that’s becoming the ‘tub room’ which, maybe deserves it’s own post when it’s all finished. otherwise, you might just think we’re crazy. and despite the chaos – we actually feel like we’re on the home stretch with the renos. goooood thing.

…one of my big priorities was to get a room finished for e before we moved in. so we picked the bedroom closest to ours to be hers, tore down part of the ceiling, patched and wallpapered it (mostly t’s work) and painted everything (floor to ceiling my friends) white. actually, everything that got painted in the house is now white (martha stewart’s picket fence, just in case you were dying to know). and i love it. i love that room. i can’t wait to put some beautiful things in there for her…

…oh, the beginnings of a new place to live…


One Response to “lately…”

  1. kristamarie6 April 26, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    Horray for the Tub Room! I’m glad it’s coming into existence. 🙂 Also, Ella’s room looks dreamy in all white. Good luck with the home stretch. xoxo.

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