little signs…

21 Mar

…everyone had a lovely weekend. t and i went away by ourselves for a night, and it was completely wonderful. we did not worry once, simply because e was having a time with g and g that was completely wonderful too. i understand absolutely why people make a point of having time for themselves – seems it’s incredibly important…


…and there was much playing and baby showering to be done, and of course i am always thankful to feel that feeling of being taken care of for a few days….

…and i saw little signs of green and spring and i went through some of my old school things that were still packed away (not to my knowledge) at my parent’s house. oh, what to do with all those papers? holding that big stack of university essays – well i could just feel all the work that went into them. then knew that i would never never read them, just kept a few that i actually remembered caring about, and sent the rest to the shredder (thanks mom). moving on moving on…

hope your weekend was just as lovely…


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