16 Mar

1. chirp

2. oh. i thought i would love this crocheted blanket. and in truth, i did love making it…but i intended it to be entirely of that lovely green in there, then i ran out and no more was to be found. so, then there were all those stripes and in the end, it’s not even something i would give a second look to at the thrift store. ouch. ah well, it might be the perfect size for a bathmat or a rug somewhere less-seen…

3. with t home – we are continually learning how to play with e. she has very exact ideas of what we should play – it’s a challenge to find a balance of something we can both handle…

4. yesterdays fabric stack is quickly turning into usable goodies…

5. i love this picture. i snatched it as soon as she drew those glasses…

6. i recently declared tulips my favorite flower. i know it’s a trick, but all the melting has got me a little obsessed…

*happy wednesday to you*


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