eight great…

8 Mar

**8 things that were great about today…**

1. an enormous house clean and rearrange. it was lovely and made me appreciate the things we live with once again. and, it led to…

2. cleaning out drawers. when was the last time you cleaned out drawers? i was honestly so shocked at the amount of garbage and junk that was piled in there. hmm…seems there’s usually a reason behind having to force drawers shut…

3. ‘sprinkles party cake’ flavored ice cream. e’s choice today in the frozen aisle. for some reason, i gave the okay…

4. family thrift night.

5. we are big parks and rec fans – i was delighted to learn about nick offerman/ron swanson’s website. he he!

6. watching ella stand in front of her bedroom window saying ‘goodnight moon!’

7. these tutorials – here and here. just how, i ask, are these ladies so darn crafty?

8. dreaming up a new coffee table to replace ours…a project that maybe we can complete during t’s month off??

**had a lovely one, hope you did too!**


One Response to “eight great…”

  1. kristamarie6 March 8, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    Have you seen this website? http://www.dukesilver.com/ It’s comedy gold. xoxo.

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