23 Feb

…while i did  a whole lot of nothing this weekend, i did get a wee bit of something done. a little project that i’ve been meaning to start for a while now – a perpetual calendar. i mostly just really love birthdays – and it’s nice to have a constant place to refer, rather than trying to remember them all every year. i actually have no idea why i haven’t done this until now – the idea is so simple. i wanted to make it in a way that it would be on display, not in a book (so i’ve asked the mr. to put two nails in a piece of wood so i can hang these pages up and rotate them, you know. erm, even though i’m pretty sure i could pound two nails, i just have a feeling he could do it faster, and in a way that would not include swearing…). i did end up making the date spaces a little small (as in, teeny tiny), so i only hope i don’t have to write two birthdays in one date…

a nice little project with little e occupied – my favorite kind…


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    […] little project was inspired by Erin. I love birthdays and I needed a cute and practical way of keeping track of the ones celebrated by […]

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