boolah – market day…

15 Feb

…just a peek at the things i displayed and sold at the craft market this past saturday…it was a really lovely time, in a beautiful space with lots of other wonderful vendors. and yes, that is a lot of happy descriptive words….but heck, planning and pulling off something like this is a lot of work – even between numerous people. it made me think of all the people who have planned events that i’ve been part of in the past – i’m going to try really hard not to take that kind of thing for granted.  anyway, you can read more about the sale here

…my favorite part about getting ready was the creation of new business cards and tags. i love the idea of business cards, but maybe not so much the standard card…so i decided to go with something a little different and create little round cards. i drew and painted little faces on the front then scanned and copied them – punched them out with a round paper punch and stamped the back (i had a stamp custom made – which was way easier than i thought – and made me want to get all sorts of ridiculous stamps made)…

…i just sort of love the cuteness…



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