a day for hearts…

14 Feb

1.  …i got through the busiest week and came out safely on the other side (except for that part, you know, when you do too much and as soon as you stop you just might get sick? yeah well). the craft show on saturday was a big success, and now i’m looking forward to a few days of cleaning up the house, spending time with e, and maybe giving my sewing machine a little break. but not too long, because i’m not entirely sure what i’d do with myself…

2. check out those awesome bangs i cut on e. the first cut i made while she wriggled and struggled was, how shall i say, too short. so i had to go with that. and i wonder why my haircuts in childhood photos are often so wonky. sorry mom.

3. i sort of love valentine’s day. we don’t really do anything for it – ella had no interest in making valentines (and after punching out 800 paper heart decorations, neither did i) and we don’t really do gifts (as far as i know). but i’ll be up for a good time of cookie making and decorating. anyone know of a good cookie recipe that’s conducive to having icing slathered on top?

**so a happy valentine’s day to you all – a happy monday too!




2 Responses to “a day for hearts…”

  1. Joy February 14, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    ah yes…the bang problem. I still have visions of my own mother’s creations with my bangs!! One consolation is that hair grows and we’re on to bigger and better creations

  2. Joy February 14, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    oh yes…happy heart day and isn’t any white cookie a good base for heart making? or should I say icing slathering?

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