a craft for young and old…

10 Jan

(i didn’t notice this until just now, but she holds that marker just like i do…yesss)

…these days, when the mornings don’t start off *exactly the way i would like* – i usually suggest in my happy tone, why don’t we make a craft? sometimes it works, sometimes not. today we set out to make some place cards for our dinner table. and oh, i do love a good place card. i’m pretty sure that if i were to plan my wedding again today, it would definitely involve really over the top place settings. so, maybe it’s best we’re already married. anyway…

the craft was easy and everyone was happy in the making – e helped me choose the pictures for each card from an old magazine and i cut them out (not because i was being controlling, but because she simply cannot cut where she intends to, so i decided to skip that part which is usually kind of frustrating for her), she glued, and we placed them on little cardstock cards. so the fronts looked like this…

and e wrote everyone’s name again on the back – in her own writing…

and i thought it might be kind of sweet just to have regular place settings at your family dinner table – switch up the seating with cards (or not). i don’t know, seeing my name always makes me feel kind of special…

happy crafting!


2 Responses to “a craft for young and old…”

  1. Joy January 10, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    I always wondered just why you had to hold your writing apparatus that way…thought perhaps you just weren’t going to have someone else make you do something a certain way. Yes?

  2. s January 11, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    i recognize the plates!
    i want a place at that table…

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