a dress…

7 Jan

…this has been one of my most difficult parenting weeks yet. too much sickness, not enough energy. i am thankful these days for food in the freezer that becomes our supper, for dark mornings that let us sleep in a little longer, for doctors, for a day just warm enough for a stroller ride. i can’t wait for the weekend. can’t wait.


i wanted to share this little dress i made for ella before christmas – when i realized that she had nothing to wear (seriously, she’s not really a dress kind of girl, and we pretty much push the tomboy look around here) for my sister in law’s wedding on new year’s eve. i made this from some ikea fabric (which i’m sure some of you will recognize) and some old teal cotton that smelled funny when i ironed it, and t also said having it right by her face made her look a little sickly….greeaaaat. so here she be,

(don’t mind the wrinkles…i had to wash it after e used it mostly as a giant bib at the wedding dinner…)

…and no. i didn’t mean to make this back button closure so elaborate (who wants to sew on 4 buttons instead of 2?? not me), but it just so happened that when i, erm, did not so much follow the pattern instructions, i ended up making it a little big. i should have seen it coming, as i tend not to follow the directions (does anyone else find them especially confusing and/or boring? i don’t think i ever had the attention span for it, did i mom?)…

i used this vintage pattern that i’ve never used before – i thought the sizing would be small, so i added inches all over the place. not really necessary it seems. oh well.

. so. i have no idea whether this dress will be worn again (honestly, i was almost shocked that she agreed to wear it in the first place), but i kind of loved making it just for her anyway. looks like she enjoyed it, just a little…

(e and her just-married auntie!)

thanks e, for being a good sport. i know you won’t always want to wear the things i make. fair enough. i love you anyway…


One Response to “a dress…”

  1. Joy January 7, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    ooh… a new look to your blog! and yes you were never one to want to want to think inside the box…that would be just too confining and you would start to squirm, Sound about right?

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