goodbye christmas…

5 Jan

…we had to make christmas disappear at night, so as not to upset the littlest of us too much (though, i think there still may be some tears in the morning). all the decorations fit snug in a box, the lights wrapped up, the santa candle that ella picked out at the thrift store and continued to pick at and mangle over the holidays – everything is tucked away for another year. and though it’s a little sad (mostly because having just the christmas lights on in the evening was lovely), i am happy to have the living room back – and honestly, i was ready for everything to come down the day we came back from vacation. these past few days of new year’s madness cleaning have left the house feeling kind of empty in a wonderful way…my goal it to move or rotate all the art and make the house feel new. so – see you next year christmas, and here’s to the new of january…


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